Mary Pickford

Guideposts Classics: Mary Pickford on the Blessings of Children

In this story from 1948, movie legend Mary Pickford shares how the two children she adopted with her husband, actor and singer Buddy Rogers, enriched their lives.

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Illustration by LULU DUBREUIL

Angels Helped Her Find Her Way Through Europe

She set off on a solo trip to visit her daughter in England. But the anxious traveler soon realized she was never really alone.

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Kristen Kemp and her mother, Carolyn; photo courtesy Kristen Kemp
Aging Parents

Her Mother With Alzheimer’s Sang ‘Silent Night’

Dementia had taken away so much from her mother and her family. But at the Christmas Eve service, she realized their faith would see them through.

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Kathy and Lori; Photo credit: Lori Sciame
God's Grace

How This Long-Lost Book Brought Divine Comfort

Inscribed with a cherished handwritten message, the book brought peace and strengthened a friendship.

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King Richard on Serena and Venus Williams’ journey to tennis greatness.
Movies and TV

‘King Richard’ Demonstrates the Power of Resilience, Faith and Family

Actress Aunjanue Ellis, who plays Venus and Serena Williams’ mother, Oracene “Brandy” Williams, talks to Guideposts.org about the new biopic on the Williams sisters’ tennis legacy and their father, Richard Williams. 

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Illustration of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Stories of Faith

An Apprehensive Mother Learns to Hand Her Worries Over to God

She worried about her recently divorced daughter being alone. But then she realized she was in good hands. 

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Deb embroidering her Thanksgiving tablecloth
Inspiring Stories

She Started a Unique Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year, her Thanksgiving guests sign her tablecloth, then she embroiders their signatures.

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A friend brings a caregiver a casserole
True Stories of Answered Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Divine Nourishment

She was at the end of her rope while looking after her mother with Alzheimer’s.  Then this caregiver received an unexpected food delivery.

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Micah Thompson and her cat, Ron, and mother Stephanie

How a Cat Became an Answer to a Mother's Prayer

If she didn’t find a way to bond with her teenage daughter soon, she worried she might never be close to her.

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Valerie Stone; photograph by Michael A. Schwarz
God's Grace

Quilting Made Her Feel Closer to Her Departed Mother

The pandemic prevented Valerie from visiting her mother, from whom she was estranged, before she died, but their bond was restored when Valerie took up quilting.

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