Chef and fitness expert Kevin Curry
Finding Life Purpose

How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression

The chef and fitness expert used his struggles with depression and food to turn his life around and inspire others to do the same.

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An adult daughter embraces her mother who has dementia
Everyday Coping for Caregivers

5 Tips to Help Caregivers Cope with Ambiguous Loss

How do you care for a loved with dementia, depression or lost only partially?

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Humor can fight depression.
Emotional and Mental Health

Can Humor Protect You from Depression?

Research suggests that finding something funny in a negative situation helps fight sadness.

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How to treat SAD
Health and Wellness

The Science of ‘Happy Lights’ for Seasonal Sadness

Special lights can improve mood in people who experience the “winter blues” or a more serious seasonal emotional dip.

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The healing power of hugs
Emotional and Mental Health

Can Hugs Make You Happier?

A group of scientists is looking at this question—you may like what they’re finding.

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A Bible study group holding hands as a Bible rests in the center of the table.
Addiction and Recovery

Bible Study Fellowship: The Cure for Her Addiction

Thanks to a Bible study and a little green journal she was able to confide to God about her addiction.

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Interview with the Author: James Gordon on Dealing with Depression

Interview with the Author: James Gordon on Dealing with Depression

James Gordon, author of "Unstuck," gives advice to people experiencing depression, the "dark place."

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Christina, a Guideposts staffer
Coping With Grief

Wayfarers Inn: Coping With Loss

Real people share their stories of grief and loss in the hopes of helping other navigate moving forward after unimaginable tragedy. 

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Do you tend toward positive or negative thinking?
Positive Living

Do You Focus on the Positive or the Negative?

Understanding why some brains tend toward negativity could be a breakthrough in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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