Empty Nest

The Pimento eggs in a nest.

What This Empty Nester Learned from a Family of Birds

She was having a hard time letting go of her kids, until this cardinal couple showed her the way

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A senior woman in the kitchen consulting her recipe book for a dish.
Living Longer, Living Better

4 Ways to Make Food More Fun

Whether it's adapting the portion size or freezing extra servings, here are a few tips to make your food last longer.

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two hands hold a small empty bird nest
Living Longer, Living Better

How to Embrace the Empty Nest

A mom offers 6 tips on how to enjoy the time with her spouse when the kids leave the nest.

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A older couple packs their belongings in moving boxes.
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Tips for Downsizing and Moving

Moving? These handy tips will shed some light on how to save on future costs.

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an empty bird nest
Managing Life Changes

Field Notes on an Empty Nest

A mother reflects on the moment her son spread his wings and went off to college.

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