How Jesus can teach us to pray
How to Pray

5 Ways Jesus Can Help You Pray

Steps to model our own prayers after His

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Inspiring Stories

Thought-Provoking Quotes to Inspire You

Let these inspirational quotes guide you and bring you closer to God.

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Praying past distrations
How to Pray

5 Ways to Drive Off Distractions When You Pray

Try some of these tips to give your prayer time more energy and focus.

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Succulent plants
Positive Living

4 Things Succulent Plants Can Teach You About Life

Caring for these beautifully mysterious plants invites us to tune in to our own strength and power.

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Greeting the day
Inspiring Stories

Why You Can Rejoice in Each New Day

It’s not about having a life devoid of troubles. It’s about possibilities.

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Keeping a journal
Emotional and Mental Health

Find the Most Positive, Helpful Journal for Your Personality

“Dear Diary” isn’t for everyone. Choose a journal that meets you where you are on your healing journey.

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Illustration by Amalia Restrepo

A Woman Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Comforted Her

Her husband was desperately ill. Then she heard the beautiful song from another hospital room.

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Bible verses scripture running walking exercise

16 Encouraging Bible Verses for Walking and Running

Whether you are a casual runner or training for a marathon, these scriptures will uplift you and keep you moving.

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A young girl enters her elementary school
Stories of Hope

Seven Sweet Words That Changed Her Life

Made to feel she didn’t belong because of her cleft palate, a young girl’s outlook is changed by a teacher’s kindness.

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A group of diverse kids smiling
Inspiring Stories

Students Launch ‘Peptoc Hotline’ to Spread Cheer and Encouragement

The viral project offers tips, advice and inspiring messages from joyful elementary school students.

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