A portrait of Marcia Gay Harden in front of green scenery.

Marcia Gay Harden on Coping with Her Mother's Alzheimer's

All her life, her mother helped pave the way for her success. Now, as her mother battles Alzheimer's, Marcia Gay Harden offers her love and support.

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Addiction and Recovery

What to Do When You Face Temptation

When faced with an itch, there's a benefit to waiting it out rather than scratching it. 

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A white clock indicating the time against a nature background.
Devotions for Men

Plan a 'Worry Hour' to Help Ease Anxiety

If you have difficulty letting go and letting God, try this.

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Grow Through Difficulties

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Understanding hardship
Life Advice

How Hardship Can Give Us the Tools to Do Good

Victor Frankl and Elie Wiesel survived pain and suffering during the Holocaust to make the world a better place. 

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Author and Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein
God's Grace

The Miracle of the Kiddush Cup

In this excerpt from his book, Holocaust survivor Michael Bornstein shares how the preservation of a beloved and sacred family heirlook bolstered his family's faith.

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Struggling to pray
Power of Prayer

7 Ways to Make Praying Easier

Praying can be hard sometimes; here's some tips to make it easier to prioritize this important practice. 

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In our imperfection, grace abounds.
Life Advice

In Our Imperfection, Grace Abounds

Through our vulnerabilities and shortcomings, God can make us instruments of peace, love, justice and kindness.

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Motivational Stories

Are You on the Verge of Giving Up?

Remember that God is beside you. Let Him help.

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Reading the Bible
Stories of Faith

What to Do When the Bible Is Hard to Understand

Confusing Bible verses, after prayerful meditation, can ultimately reveal more than expected.

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