Nicolle Surratte finds strength in her faith for her battle against cancer.
Living With Cancer

Cancer Treatment: Body and Soul

With her healthy lifestyle, Nicolle Surratte was the last person who expected to get cancer. When she did, she was resolved to maintain that lifestyle and be led by her faith.

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Guideposts: Today Show host Savannah Guthrie recalls a pair of interviews that strengthened her faith and confirmed for her that God is with us, even in our darkest moments.
Movies and TV

Savannah Guthrie on Two Interviews That Inspired Her

The Today Show host recalls a pair of interviews that strengthened her faith and confirmed for her that God is with us, even in our darkest moments.

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Guideposts: Astronaut F. Story Musgrave prepares to be elevated to the top of the Hubble Space Telescope.
God's Grace

Astronaut Story Musgrave Speaks on Spirituality and Space

Former NASA astronaut Story Musgrave, who blasted off to space six times as part of the space shuttle program, speaks to Mysterious Ways contributing editor Evan Miller about the out-of-this-world experiences that have impacted his faith and beliefs.

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Guideposts: Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen portay Eva and Don Piper in the new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven
Movies and TV

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish on '90 Minutes in Heaven'

The actress and her director husband talk about their new movie, "90 Minutes in Heaven," based on the best-selling book by Don Piper. They discuss this inspiring true story, the surprising motivation of the production company that produced it, and why the movie opened on Sept. 11th.

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Today Show host Savannah Guthrie with her daughter, Vale
Movies and TV

Savannah Guthrie on the Blessings of Motherhood

The Today Show host shares how having a child has changed her life and discusses the role her faith plays in the raising of her daughter, Vale. She shares more of her story in the cover story of the October 2015 issue of Guideposts magazine.  Shop Guideposts Mother's Day Gifts!

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Guideposts: Actress Rhonda Fleming writes for Guideposts about her earliest experience with faith
Answered Prayers

Throwback Thursday: Rhonda Fleming on God's Love

In this story from January 1982, the acclaimed actress tells of her first encounter with God, when a prayerful plea received a response more immediate than she could have expected.

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A woman asks what is authentic faith
Devotions for Women

What Is Authentic Faith?

It’s tempting to pretend you’re super-spiritual, that you have all of the answers. And so much scarier to admit you don’t.

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