Edward and Gracie
God's Grace

How a Sleepless Night Can Draw Us Nearer to God

After being booted from bed by a golden retriever, witnessing a miracle of the obvious.

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Actor Zachary Levi (left) plays Kurt Warner in the movie 'American Underdog.'
Inspiring Stories

NFL Great Kurt Warner on 'American Underdog'

The former star quarterback talks about the film based on his life, overcoming big setbacks and what he does for his spiritual well-being.

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Woman relaxing on her couch; Getty Images
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

A Message from Jesus in a Song

Jesus comforted her in a miraculous way when she needed it most. 

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Prayers God Answers Immediately
How to Pray

3 Prayers That God Answers Immediately

You won’t be kept waiting when praying these words.

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Daily Devotions

Evenings with Jesus: A Lullaby Leads to a Love of God

How big city kids learned about sheep and the Good Shepherd

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Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries
Stories of Faith

Keep the Faith with Ty'Ann Brown: Love Thy Neighbor

Guideposts' VP of Ministries reminds us that in difficult times, it's important to remember to do two things: Love God and love your neighbor.

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Evenings with Jesus devotionals
Devotions for Inspiration

Free Excerpt from a New Guideposts Devotional: 'Evenings with Jesus'

From a collection of "100 Nighttime Devotions to Soothe Your Mind and Rest Your Spirit"

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One-word prayer for strength
Prayers for Strength

A One-Word Prayer for Strength in Difficult Times

When your day feels like a slog, try this short, Bible-based prayer.

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Chef Jose Andres
People Helping People

Ukraine Opens Up Opportunity for Prayer and Compassion

As Chef José Andrés feeds thousands on the border, we too can offer relief to the suffering.

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An artist's illustration of The Great Fish; Wikimedia Commons
Bible Resources

7 Memorable Animals of the Bible

Scripture is chock full of animals. Close to 100 varieties are mentioned—almost A to Z, including everything from the addax (a type of antelope named in Deuteronomy 14:5 NLT) to the lowly worm (sorry—there’s no zebra) mentioned in Isaiah and Jonah. But references to individual animals who played a role in the Bible’s narrative are rarer, especially if you omit those who are cited only in parables or prophecy. Here are some of the most remarkable animals mentioned in Scripture.

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