Chef José Andrés
People Helping People

Chef José Andrés' Faith Inspires Him to Serve Disaster Survivors

Listen as the acclaimed chef shares what inspires him to reach out to those in need following natural disasters.

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Persistent prayer
True Stories of Answered Prayer

How to Wait for an Answer to Your Prayers

Prayer requires us to believe, be patient and pray frequently while trusting God’s will.

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Seasonal Devotions

Let Go

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An artist's rendering of a brain
God's Grace

Your Brain on God: How Faith Affects Your Brain Chemistry

Do the brain and the soul have an impact on each other? New research suggests there may be a connection between them.

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Inspirational Prayers

5 Ways Prayer Journaling Can Keep You Sane

When you’re in the middle of a super-sized problem, a journal can help you unearth solutions and grow closer to God.

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10 Inspiring Bible Verses for Fasting
Encouraging Bible Verses

10 Inspiring Bible Verses for Fasting

Here are ten of our favorite Bible verses to motivate and inspire you to keep the faith during fasting.

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Actress Cheryl Ladd
Stories of Faith

Guideposts Classics: Cheryl Ladd on Looking Upward in Faith

In this story from October 2004, the Charlie's Angels star recalls how her faith impacts her love of golf—and, occasionally, vice versa.

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