God clears the way
Inspiring Stories

A God Who Clears the Path Before Us

If we listen, God guides us past life’s pileups and complications.

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Deborah Kraft celebrates crossing the Continental Divide on her bike journey from Maine to the Oregon Coast

One Woman's Cross-Country Bike Adventure

Travel along with Deborah Kraft as she celebrates graduating from college by traveling from Maine to Oregon on a bicycle.

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The many ways we pray
Power of Prayer

The Many Ways We Can Pray

There is no wrong way to pray. It’s your personal conversation with God.

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Take life one step at a time.
Motivational Stories

The Wisdom of Taking One Step at a Time

We don’t need to add tomorrow to our worries.

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Turning earworms into prayers
How to Pray

4 Steps to Turn Earworms into Prayers

If there's a distracting song rummaging around in your brain, how to convert it into something sacred.

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Woman and her dog relaxing on the grass
Devotions for Women

Faith Is a Lifelong Journey

A rescue dog helped her relax and leave her worries in God's hands.

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Spiritual housekeeping
Positive Living

Spiritual Housekeeping

Just like in a real home, cleaning and upkeep are important to your spiritual maintenance.

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A military mom's faith overcomes doubt.
Military Families

Letting Joy Defeat Dread

During her son’s last weeks of deployment, an anxious military mom learns to let her faith take charge.

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7 Ways to Hear God's Voice
How to Pray

7 Ways to Hear God's Voice

Prayer can be a dialogue with God–if we’re listening. Here are some tips.

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The joy and light of faith

Morning Miracle of Light

How faith lights up the world with joy and comfort each day

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