7 Ways to Hear God's Voice
How to Pray

7 Ways to Hear God's Voice

Prayer can be a dialogue with God–if we’re listening. Here are some tips.

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The joy and light of faith

Morning Miracle of Light

How faith lights up the world with joy and comfort each day

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5 Prayers for Peace
Bible Resources

5 Prayers for Peace

Here are some soothing prayers to help you on your path to peace.

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Busy mom

Make Time for What Matters

We’re all busy. But, today, do you have time for family and time for God? Yes.

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Mother holding hands with son
Military Families

The Hands of My Son

A military mom’s memories of a son who grew from a boy to a Marine.

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Actress Ann-Margret
Movies and TV

Throwback Thursday: Ann-Margret on Placing Trust in God

In this story from September 2005, actress Ann-Margret shares how an accident she suffered onstage taught her to have faith that He was watching over her.

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Kristin Chenoweth with her new pup, Thunder
Stories of Faith

Kristin Chenoweth Makes a Leap of Faith in Adopting a Rescue Dog

With a solid foundation of faith and family, actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth lives by a motto she learned from her mother: "You never know, honey."

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Positive Thinking

Pray Quote

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Children singing in church.
Inspiring Stories

Singing from the Heart

Worshipping with a child’s enthusiasm can bring a special joy to your relationship with God.

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Pastor John Gray and his family
Living Longer, Living Better

Diabetes Showed Pastor John Gray a Reason to Fight

'The Book of John Gray' reality show star and Lakewood Church pastor thought diabetes was a death sentence; then he found a reason to live.

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