Pray your way to a decluttered home
Life Advice

Pray Your Way to a Clutter-Free Home

Are your possessions running your life? God wants to help.

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Diane Stark (right) and her mother-in-law, Judy
Living Longer, Living Better

How a Lonely Widow Reconnected with Loved Ones

Overcoming her aversion to smartphones and social media opened up her world.

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Power outage in New York
Adult Children

God’s Grace in a New York City Blackout

A mom sends up a prayer of thanks when her son gets home safely.

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A woman sitting on the dock in deep reflection as the sun rises.
Advice for Caregivers

9 Practical Tips to Build Resiliency and Combat Caregiver Burnout

From finding humor in a tough situation to trying creative problem-solving, you can develop a more resilient spirit.

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Woody and the rest of his Toy Story 4 pals
Movies and TV

6 Inspiring Movies Coming Out This Summer

From talking toys to high school superheroes, these flicks will keep you happy and cool all summer long.

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Decluttering the house
Positive Living

Why Decluttering Now Will Help Your Family Later

A Swedish clutter-clearing exercise puts your life—and possessions—in perspective.

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How to forgive someone
Life Advice

How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

Forgiveness doesn’t always mean forgetting. But it does mean moving on.

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A male caregiver searching online and taking notes.
Resource Center

Where to Turn When a Family Member Has Alzheimer’s

An abundance of resources offer information for family caregivers.

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Randy Kimura shows the sheet that he and his mother-in-law, Janet Nakashima, use to keep track of her workouts.
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Her Son-in-Law is Her Personal Trainer and Friend

This 97-year old strengthens her body and soul with help from her family.

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Praise God even when you're tired

Praise God, No Matter What

Whether we are stressed, worried or overwhelmed, God asks us to love Him in the moment.

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