Author and journalist Mitch Albom; photo by Glenn Triest
People Helping People

Mitch Albom: 5 Spiritual Lessons

The best-selling author shares lessons he’s learned about the person God wants him—and each of us— to be.

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Jim Hinch and family at Muir Pass; photo courtesy Jim Hinch
Stories of Hope

Could He Trust God to Oversee His Family's Hiking Journey?

What he thought would be a coming-of-age experience for his kids proved to be a spiritual lesson for him.

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Tiera and Myron with sons Myron, left, and Micah; photo by Tony Novak-Clifford
Stories of Hope

The Heaven-Sent Bible Verse This Mom Needed to Hear

It wasn’t rocket science. It was parenting. That was the problem...

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Susans father in uniform; Photo credit: Susan A. Karas
God's Grace

A Heaven-Sent Encounter Became Comfort from Beyond

A woman gets a healing sign from beyond after the passing of her veteran father.

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Prayers for the dying
Prayers for Loved Ones

9 Bible Prayers for Someone Nearing Death

As an earthly journey comes to an end, these words may provide comfort and assurance.

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Katheryn Berlandi, granddaughter to Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale

His Granddaughter Remembers Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Katheryn Berlandi recalls the life lessons Dr. and Mrs. Peale taught her.

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Catherine Madera
Stories of Hope

Catherine Madera on How Her Faith Helps Her Cope with Grief

Catherine Madera lost her beloved younger sister to cancer, but she has been able to deal with the hurt and sadness that loss has brought her because of her faith in God.

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Rick Hamlin
How to Pray

3 Lessons in Prayer from the Grandkids

A greater understanding of why Jesus said, “Become like little children.”

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Gracie and Edward
Alzheimer's and Dementia

What Prayer Do You Say If You Lose Something?

From misplacing a dog leash or a memory, how to summon help.

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A mother and her adult daughter celebrate Mother's Day
Aging Parents

5 Tips for Navigating Mother’s Day When You're Caring for Your Mom

The founder of a community for women balancing eldercare, kids and career says you have to find your ‘sweet spot.’

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