Man praying
How to Pray

How to Pray if ‘Father’ Is a Loaded Term

There’s a way to pray to the father who you want and need.

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Vintage old black and white family photos ancestry returned lost found

The People Who Return Lost Memories

Photo and genealogy enthusiasts are rescuing vintage photographs from thrift stores to reunite them with their original families.

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An illustration of angelic mushrooms; Illustration by Jacqui Langeland

Making Stuffed Mushrooms Became a Time-Honored Tradition

Things changed through the years, but this family recipe remained a Christmas constant—just like God’s grace. 

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Peter, his adopted son, Anthony, dogs Simba and Rafiki, and his foster children

How a Dad—and His Dogs—Show Kids the True Meaning of Family

This man’s heartbreaking childhood inspired him to help children in need.

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Vintage expert Bob Richter standing in front of a Christmas tree
Inspiring Stories

Bob Richter on the Healing Power of Christmas Decorations

The international flea market expert and host of the PBS show Market Warriors shares his personal story of remembering lost loved ones during the holidays.

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Edward Grinnan
Alzheimer's and Dementia

Taking Away the Car Keys—How Did Your Family Handle It?

It’s a watershed moment for those with a loved one who has dementia. This writer wants to hear from you about it.

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Beloved Christmas tradition
Stories of Faith

A Family’s Beloved Christmas Tradition

It all started years ago when a young girl began writing a yearly letter to her future self.

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Home caregiver assiting her patient; Getty Images
Advice for Caregivers

The RAISE Family Caregivers Act: What’s It All About?

This national plan aims to help family caregivers address daily challenges.

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Santa's sleigh
Positive Living

Yes, Santa Does Belong in Christmas

Think gift-giving has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus? Bah! Humbug!

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One family's Christmas miracle
God's Grace

One Family’s Christmas Miracle

With an infant son in the hospital, a family prayed its way to a most memorable homecoming.

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