Blessing someone you don't like
Life Advice

How to Bless Someone You Don’t Like

A surefire way to release resentment and anger

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A helping hand from above
Devotions for Inspiration

When Fear Strikes

Click here for the daily devotion for February 11, 2018

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A man's hands clasped in prayer, with a Bible nearby
Devotions for Inspiration

Release Your Fears to God

Click here for the daily devotion for January 30, 2018

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Woman worried
Prayers for Stronger Faith

When We Fear an Outcome

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing.

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Times Square
True Stories of Answered Prayer

That Incident in Times Square

A New York City subway commuter still prays for peace during Advent despite the Manhattan bombing.

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7 prayers against the darkness
Inspirational Prayers

7 Prayers Against Darkness

How to find a little light and comfort when fear or anxiety strikes.

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Small victories
Life Advice

Celebrating Small Victories

Each of us has our own unique battles, fears and mountains to climb. And when we are able to work up the courage and strength needed to face these challenges, celebration is called for. 

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A woman undergoes an MRI examination
Stories of Hope

She Had Claustrophobia, So How Could She Handle an MRI?

Small spaces terrified her. What would help her find peace instead of panic?

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God's protection
People Helping People

A God of Protection

How God stands between us and the flames of fear.

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Don't be scared of shadows.
Military Families

Don’t Be Scared of a Shadow

Let God’s light shine on your path and don’t worry about the occasional shadow.

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