Jacqueline Suskin having a conversation with Neal in the forest.
Inspiring Stories

How Her Poems Started an Unlikely Friendship

She was a poet who loved trees. He ran a timber company. Could they find common ground?

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What makes love work
Life Advice

What Makes Love Work

Even when love disappoints, it’s better to remain open to its possibilities.

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8 Ways to Cultivate Positive Relationships
Living Longer, Living Better

8 Ways to Cultivate Positive Relationships

These practical tips are sure to boost the meaningful connections in your life

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Bree and Camille reading a book outdoors.

Meet the Chicken that Changed Her Life

Camille Licate never thought her rescue rooster Bree would lead her on a new path

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Clarence with a U.S. tank from World War II
Stories of Hope

How Two Veterans, Once Enemies, Became Friends

A World War II veteran traveled to Germany to meet an old, German veteran he first met in the battlefield

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Sitting quietly
How to Pray

How to Pray Quietly with a Friend

To know someone well is to know that you can be silent with them.

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George Washington on friendship
Positive Living

George Washington’s Inspiring Definition of Friendship

Our first president understood that a true bond is cultivated and nurtured over time.

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A leprechaun's hat filled with green clovers.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Sharing of the Green

Every March, she planted shamrock plants in honor of her dear friend.

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Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin Sings 'Years at the Spring'

Listen to Rick Hamlin sing "Years at the Spring," in honor of an inspiring woman from his childhood church choir, Elinor Miller.

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How to fight winter blues
Stories of Hope

3 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Despite the fact that Christmas is over and the days are cold and short, there are ways to feel gratitude and pleasure.

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