Praying as you walk outside
How to Pray

Summer—A Great Time to Take a Prayer Walk

Here are some pointers for incorporating the sights and sounds of the season into your God time.

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Jupiter and the Milky Way in the night sky; photo by MARIANA SUAREZ/AFP via Getty Images
Devotions for Inspiration

Spirit Lifting: God's Awe-Inspiring Love

This devotion assures us that, even given the majesty of God’s infinite creation, each of us is important to him.

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A parting of the clouds
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Our Viewfinder

Would an Air Force pilot's prayer for clearing clouds during a vital reconnaissance mission be answered?

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Faith in God
Stories of Faith

How Faith Can Help Us Overcome the Odds

We may not be immune to hardship, but we never have to face it alone.

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A stone stair in the way up to blue sky
Guideposts News

Guideposts’ New YouTube Channel 'Witnessing Heaven': First-Hand Accounts of Near-Death-Experiences

Heaven, God, deceased loves ones—all seen by people who have experienced the afterlife and live to tell about it.  

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Edward Grinnan
Coping With Illness

Talking with Love and Understanding About Suicide

After a beloved wife’s decision, rejecting shame and embracing honesty

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Dream big, pray big
How to Pray

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Praying

Inspiration to dream big and pray big

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Trinity prayers

Why It’s Important to Let the Trinity Be Part of Your Prayers

God as three persons—this sometimes baffling concept can fill us with wonder and awe.

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Mitchell Hollis, founder of Run For God; photo by Michael A. Schwarz
Motivational Stories

He Stopped Running from His Past to Head Toward God

He thought he knew what he was running for—until he figured out what he was running from.

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Eleni Kalorkoti's illustration of a frustrated cook over a pot of beans
Stories of Faith

The Blessing of Burnt Beans

A ruined pot of beans taught her a valuable spiritual lesson.

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