Corrie ten Boom
Stories of Faith

Guideposts Classics: Corrie ten Boom on Trusting in God

In this story from August 1976, the author of The Hiding Place recalls her watchmaker father’s timeless advice.

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Decluttering as Part of Your Lenten Spiritual Practice
Positive Living

Decluttering as Part of Your Lenten Spiritual Practice

The Lenten season isn’t just about giving up food and drink. It can also be a time for decluttering your mind and heart.

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Daily Devotions

Pray Like Jabez

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Father James Kurzynski, priest and hobby astronomer
God's Grace

Look to the Heavens: A Conversation with Father Kurzynski

We spoke to Father James Kurzynski, author, priest and hobby astronomer, about the mysteries of faith and the universe.

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Mom talking to teen daughter

Teaching Honesty to a Teen

A parent enlists God’s help in teaching her teenage daughter to do the right thing.

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An angelic man with rainbows emitting from his hands.

The Mysterious Rainbow That Guided Him Through the Storm

With the mounting bills, work and stress, it was the reminder he needed from God

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Cynthia Gandhi Dobbs
Stories of Hope

How Becoming American Helped Her Honor Her Past

Cynthia Gandhi Dobbs always felt American—until it was time for her to become a citizen. Now she wondered if she were leaving her Indian culture behind.

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