Three Lessons of Beatitudes
Finding Life Purpose

Three Lessons of the Beatitudes

To live in the present, access peace and the many blessings available through faith—are just a few of the lessons of His teachings.

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Former Iran hostage Kathryn Koob
Stories of Faith

The Morning Prayer That Helped Her Survive Captivity

Kathryn Koob, one of 52 Americans taken hostage in Iran on November 4, 1979, shares how her faith helped her endure the 444-day ordeal.

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Hands in prayer in the pews of a church.
Power of Prayer

How to Give the Gift of Prayer

Join us on Tuesday, December 10, for a special Day of Prayer. 

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Woman at a peaceful lake
Power of Prayer

The Spiritual Purpose of Loneliness

What can we learn from the Bible about the concept of being alone?

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Expressing gratitude
Managing Life Changes

Why Be Grateful for Hard Times?

No one wants adversity. But there are plenty of positive insights to be gained from it.

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In need of help
Life Advice

What Can I Do in a Desperate Situation?

No matter what it is—death, divorce, homelessness, job loss—you can always turn to prayer.

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Guideposts contributor Roberta Messner
Life Advice

3 Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Roberta Messner shares how faith and her prayer life provide support and a connection to those around her.

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A young girl praying outdoors during the sunset.
God's Grace

The Big Question: If God Knows All, Why Pray?

If God knows each and every one of us, sometimes better than we know ourselves, what is the purpose of prayer? As God says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”  He knows our every thought and desire. He knows what we want and what we need—even if we don’t yet know it ourselves.  So, if God knows all, why pray? Spiritually sage people, from pastors to philosophers, offer their own answers to this question. 

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