Actress Esther Rolle, star of the popular 1970s sitcom Good Times
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Guideposts Classics: Esther Rolle on the Healing Power of God's Love

In this story from September 1981, the star of the popular 1970s sitcom "Good Times" recalls when her prayers were answered by a wondrous display of God's love—right in her own backyard.

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Heather Morehouse with one of her patients
Stories of Faith

Mercy Ships: Her Voyage of Healing

When a small-town nurse volunteers to help treat impoverished people in developing nations, she comes to understand that God heals suffering in a variety of ways.

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Heather Morehouse poses in front of the ship she served on, Africa Mercy
People Helping People

A Nurse Sets Sail on a Mercy Ship

Travel along with Heather Morehouse as she undertakes a journey of compassion and healing with Mercy Ships, an organization that sends medical ships to ports in developing nations. 

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