Michelle's class at the Florida Christian Writers Conference
Positive Thinking

3 Ways to Seek God's Favor

When you let success live in your spirit, God will do what you once considered impossible.

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Slices of bread. Photo by Michael Jay, Thinkstock.
Positive Living

Daily Bread

 I have to wrestle to accept that God’s idea of “just enough” may not be the same as mine. 

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Stones balancing in a stream
Military Outreach Stories

Finding Balance During Deployment

Where to find calm when the storms of fear and chaos surround you.

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Shawnelle's son Grant eating his dinner.

Anxious Questions

I want to live open-handed, releasing my concerns to the capable hands of God.

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Refuge in Him
God's Grace

Refuge in Him

Watching a tiny frog take refuge in a pond brings up a sense of God's protection

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