Reading the Bible
Stories of Faith

6 Times a Biblical Hero Should Have Prayed

Do Abraham, Moses and others offer telling moments when prayer could have changed the outcome of the story?

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Turning your worries over to God
Military Outreach Stories

Traveling Light—Dropping the Weight of Worry

How a military mom learned to hand the burden of anxiety over to God

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A mountain sunrise
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

The Shadow of the Almighty

Daily Devotion for January 11, 2018

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Looking for a way forward
Prayers for Stronger Faith

How to Move Forward in Faith

When the future is unknown, remember that God is known, so let prayer guide you.

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Digging out
Managing Life Changes

How to Respond When You’re Feeling Stuck

The Bible is full of examples of those who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

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Producer, actor and writer Tyler Perry
Stories of Hope

Tyler Perry Shares His Favorite Spiritual Principles

The acclaimed producer, actor and writer Tyler Perry's dreams didn't come true easily, but his faith got him through the tough times.

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Comfort from God
Inspiring Stories

The Comfort of Constancy

So much in life changes, but God’s love and help never wavers.

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Finding light in the dark of winter
Military Families

Finding Light During the Darkest Time of Year

A military mom struggles with a son’s deployment at Christmas before letting in God's warmth and love.

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Turn to God.
Finding Life Purpose

Learning to Lean on God

In all the challenges that face us in the coming year, don't forget to turn to God for help.

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Woman worried
Prayers for Stronger Faith

When We Fear an Outcome

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing.

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