Guideposts: Legendary singer and actress Ethel Waters
People Helping People

Guideposts Classics: Ethel Waters on Sharing God's Love

In this story from December 1972, blues, jazz and gospel vocalist and actress Ethel Waters reminds us that we can all deliver God's love if we remain open to our opportunities.

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Guideposts: Today Show host Savannah Guthrie discusses staying positive even on blue days.
Positive Thinking

Savannah Guthrie on Keeping a Positive Attitude

The popular Today Show host shares how she relies on gratitude and God on those days when she is not at her best.

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Guideposts: Legendary actress Lillian Gish discusses how faith has impacted her life

Guideposts Classics: Lillian Gish on God's Healing Light

In this story from May 1982, the legendary actress shares how a particular Bible verse reminded her that God's power can push the darkness aside in times of trouble.

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Actor Mark Ruffalo found a growth in his head to be a blessing in disguise.
God's Grace

Blessed with a New Outlook

Actor Mark Ruffalo dreamed he had a brain tumor, but he had no idea that growth would be a gift.

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