Urban gardening
Stories of Faith

How Overcoming Procrastination Led to A 'Fabulous' Day

She dreaded weeding in New York City, but she made a surprising connection.

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Prayer Stories

Seeing Angels

The 18th-century theological thinker Swedenborg offers a lovely lesson in prayer.

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Christopher G. Smith, the man who conceived and wrote the Broadway musical Amazing Grace
Living Longer, Living Better

Amazing Grace: The Police Officer Who Wrote the Inspiring Broadway Musical

The idea seemed impossible: A police officer writes a musical about the clergyman who wrote "Amazing Grace."

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Rev. John Newton
Answered Prayers

Rev. John Newton, the Pastor Who Wrote 'Amazing Grace'

One of the world's most beloved hymns was written by a onetime slave trader who repented, turned his life over to God and became an ordained minister and an ardent abolitionist.

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Addiction and Recovery

Addiction—No One Is Beyond Hope

Through the grace of God, recovery is available to everyone.

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Dealing with negativity in a productive way
Positive Living

How to Respond to Bad Behavior

It can be tricky, but we can respond with grace to a negative event or attitude.

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Creating a recipe book based on When God Calls the Heart
God's Grace

A God Who Loves Details

Just the right items turn up for a recipe photo shoot for a book based on Hallmark's When God Calls the Heart.

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Put yourself in God's path
Power of Prayer

Put Yourself in God’s Path

Sometimes the best way to pray is to simply put yourself in the path of grace, healing and power.

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Waiting at the doctor's office
God's Grace

A Little Sign in the Waiting Room

A surprising but familiar sight comforts an anxious Guideposts editor at the doctor's office.

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A family holds hands around the dinner table while saying grace
Daily Devotions

Add a Little Grace

Click here for the daily devotion for February 24, 2018

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