Mary Pembleton
Family Caregiving

Caregiving Brought Her Closer to Her Grandfather

When she was a child, her grandfather was a stern disciplinarian, used to having his way, but when their roles reversed and she became his caregiver, he revealed a softer, loving side.

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George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman in 1917
Movies and TV

'1917': The True Story Behind This World War I Drama

Director Sam Mendes shares how his grandfather inspired the critically acclaimed film.

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Bible verses about relationships
Life Advice

6 Bible Verses That Will Help Strengthen Relationships

The ancient wisdom of Scripture has a lot to teach us about communicating with others. 

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Grandfather's Instagram Art Helps Him Stay Connected to His Family
Living Longer, Living Better

This Grandfather’s Instagram Art Helps Him Stay Connected to His Family

Chan Jae Lee, a 77-year-old Korean artist, draws whimsical pictures to keep in touch with his grandkids around the world.

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Jack Reynolds while zip lining
Living Longer, Living Better

106-Year-Old Man Sets Zip Lining World Record

Meet the man who celebrates his birthdays by making history.

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Actor Jeff Daniels sings 'Grandfather's Hat'

Actor Jeff Daniels sings 'Grandfather's Hat'

Listen as actor Jeff Daniels performs a song he wrote.

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Grandfather showing his granddaughter the woods.
God's Grace

Her Grandpa Jacques Sent a Message from Beyond

A woman who misses her grandfather, a deceased Holocaust survivor, stumbles upon an unlikely find that brings him close to her again.

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Veterans Day
Military Families

Honoring Veterans and Praying for Peace

Unwavering memories of helping a grandfather with American flags when those who served were honored.

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