Prayer after a tragedy
Power of Prayer

7 Ways to Pray After a Tragedy

We may feel helpless, but the Bible gives us examples of prayer as a powerful response.

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An artist's rendering of a woman waving to a dog who awaits her arrival on the front porch

A Dog Named Pistachio Taught Her a Lesson About Letting Go

While on vacation, a dog-loving family is adopted by a lovable canine pal, but would they have to say goodbye to their new best friend?

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Susan Burton
People Helping People

How Susan Burton Is Helping Women Rebuild After Prison

The founder of A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project details her own story of life behind bars and why she's helping women find their clean slate after prison in a new memoir.

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A grieving dog peeks out from behind a door

Can Animals Feel Grief?

Barbara J. King, anthropologist and author of How Animals Grieve, on when, how and why animals experience grief.

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Comforting others in their grief
Power of Prayer

How to Comfort Others in Their Grief

Never underestimate what your prayers and love can do for someone who has lost a loved one.

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Bible prayers for grief
Pray Effectively

Bible Prayers for the 5 Stages of Grief

Loss always produces grief, and grief begs to be expressed. And the Bible can teach us how valuable prayer is in the grieving process.

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Beautiful cherry blossom (sakura flowers) with Milky Way star in night skies, full moon

The Heaven-Sent Moon Flower

A mother's grief was comforted by this unusual blossom.

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Man Travels 33,000 Miles to Raise Cancer Awareness

Man Travels 33,000 Miles to Raise Cancer Awareness

The 28 year-old honored his late mother by traveling all over the country.

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Alissa Parker lost her six-year-old daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook shooting.
Stories of Hope

A Sandy Hook Mother Learns to Give Her Grief to God

She lost her daughter in the Newtown school shooting and struggled to cope with her grief, but giving control to God helped her begin the healing process.

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Denise Valuk walked 1,000 in a year to honor her late brother

Could Walking Help Her Cope with Grief?

She was devastated by her brother's death. She didn't exercise, but she decided to walk 1,000 miles in a year.

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