Guideposts 75th Anniversary

Actress Rosalind Russell
God's Grace

Guideposts Classics: Rosalind Russell on Faith and Heroism

In this story from October 1954, the popular actress shares an inspiring story of a friend's daring wartime feats and a newfound faith.

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Faith helps June Scobee Rodgers go on after Challenger explosion
Managing Life Changes

Finding Strength After the Challenger Tragedy

On January 28, 1986, our country lost a dream. This woman lost so much more. How did she go on?

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Singer Gladys Knight

Guideposts Classics: Gladys Knight on a Mother's Faith

In this story from April 2005, the Empress of Soul shares how her mother's faith impacted her career and spiritual life.

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono with their son, Sean

I Saw Him Standing There

Imagine the most famous Beatle of all just walking into your church...

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Businessman and former heavyweight champ George Foreman

Guideposts Classics: George Foreman on Overcoming Adversity

In this story from October 2007, former heavyweight champion George Foreman shares how his search for God showed him that faith and hope can help you through any challenge.

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