How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression
Finding Life Purpose

How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression

The chef and fitness expert used his struggles with depression and food to turn his life around and inspire others to do the same.


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The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Coping With Grief

How the Notre Dame Cathedral Lifted Her Grief

Author Carol Flake Chapman shares how a concert at the famous cathedral helped her cope with her husband's passing.

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This Senior Synchronized Swim Team Finds Healing in the Water
Living Longer, Living Better

This Senior Synchronized Swim Team Finds Healing in the Water

The Harlem Honeys and Bears senior swim team prove why swimming is the best form of therapy.

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Donations are collected by students and volunteers at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, for flood victims.
People Helping People

Flooding in the Midwest: How You Can Help

Here’s how you could help the dozens of towns in the Midwest reeling from recent floods and storms

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A positive doctor meets with a patient
Health and Wellness

The Power of a Positive Doctor

Social psychologists are finding that a reassuring word from the doctor can make a measurable difference in your health.

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Daily Devotions

A Gentle Answer

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Magic meets folks in Newtown, Connecticut.
Service Animals

Celebrating 10 Years of Magic, The Therapy Horse

This miniature horse has traveled the country, comforting families when they need it most

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Clarence with a U.S. tank from World War II
Stories of Hope

How Two Veterans, Once Enemies, Became Friends

A World War II veteran traveled to Germany to meet an old, German veteran he first met in the battlefield

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B.J. and her pup, Charlie Bear.

How an Injured Bird Helped Her Cope with Grief

After a tragic loss, B.J. Taylor found healing with the animals in her life 

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