Her faith and embracing God's love brought Carmen Escamilla back from the brink.
Stories of Faith

The Faith to Break Free

An emotionally abusive spouse had left her filled with self-loathing that led to unhealthy habits, but her faith gave her the strength to recover.

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A troupe of tiny angels assist a woman baking cookies in her kitchen.
Coping With Grief

Baking Her Way Back to Life

Her grief led her to avoid socializing, but with 96 freshly baked cookies on hand, she was inspired to reach out for comfort.

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Train's new music video "Give It All" highlights teen suicide awareness

Train Song 'Give it All' Shines a Light on Teen Suicide Prevention

The Grammy-award winning group's newest single "Give It All" comes with an inspiring message of hope for teens dealing with mental health issues. 

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Mary and her cat, Rainbow, who plays fetch like a dog
Service Animals

A Healing Feline to the Rescue

Arthritis had really slowed her down. Then the right medicine came along...

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Taking Care of Yourself While Caring for Others
Caregiver Stress

Taking Care of Yourself While Caring for Others

Being a caregiver is a loving act, but it's important that you see to your own needs as well—for your own sake and for the person you're caring for. Here are some tips for doing just that.

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Time to Heal from Depression
Stories of Hope for Caregivers

Time to Heal from Depression

Depression. It’s a hidden problem for the aging. How one daughter stepped in to save her mother

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Mikki Davis has found that tai chi integrates very well with her faith.
Living Longer, Living Better

Healing after Divorce with Tai Chi

Even after her divorce was final, the stress—and the pain that accompanied it—remained. Could an unfamiliar, eastern martial-arts discipline be the answer?

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Healing Prayers for Health and Wellness
Power of Prayer

Prayers for Healing

Draw upon the healing grace of the Divine Physician.

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Martin Pistorius, who was miraculously healed from a mysterious brain ailment
God's Grace

With God's Help and a Caregiver at His Side, He Was Given a Second Chance at Life

The doctors feared Martin had lost all his higher brain functions, but God—and one dedicated caregiver—knew otherwise.

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Martin Pistorius

God Knew He Was Still There

Pistorius, who was stricken at age 12 with a mysterious, life-altering illness, shares how faith has helped him through his most difficult moments. Read Martin's story!

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