Comic actor Joe E. Brown
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Joe E. Brown on the Power of Laughter

In this story from June 1948, comedian Joe E. Brown, best remembered today as millionaire Osgood Fielding III in the classic 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot, discusses the healing power of laughter.

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A troubled woman gazes through a window
Emotional and Mental Health

Could You Be Depressed? Watch for These Signs

Are you concerned that you or a loved one might be depressed? If you wonder about the signs of depression, follow an expert's advice on what to look for. 

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Chaplain Gentile distributes Guideposts Comfort Kits to sick children
Comfort Kits

Happy Birthday, Sparkle! 10 Years of Comfort Kits for Kids

Over the past 10 years, Guideposts has sent more than 160,000 comfort kits to sick children across the country.

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Iraq veteran Bryan Anderson shares his story in the July 2016 edition of Guideposts
Positive Thinking

An Iraq War Veteran Finds Inspiration

Iraq veteran Bryan Anderson, who shares his experiences in the cover story of the July 2016 edition of Guideposts, explains how even the loss of three limbs didn't prevent him from "getting back to good" and reveals what kind of people inspire him.

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bible verses fo rhealing
Bible Resources

7 Bible Verses for Hope and Healing

Take comfort in these Bible verses about hope and healing. 

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Andrew McCutchen on Being Inspired by Young Fans

Andrew McCutchen on Being Inspired by Young Fans

Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star center-fielder Andrew McCutchen shares a story of a mutually inspiring encounter with a young fan.

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A man struggles to resist drinking a glass of alcohol that rests in front of him
Addiction and Recovery

Find Resources for Those Coping with Addiction

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction—and their families and friends are affected too. Here's how you can seek information, guidance and assistance.

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Guideposts: Sculptor Catherine Partain Shamblin finds healing in creating crosses from discarded materials
Managing Life Changes

The Healing Power of Art

After a contentious divorce, Catherine Partain Shamblin found herself feeling alone and without direction. A mysterious voice told her to make a cross with whatever materials she could find, and now, her beautifully crafted crosses serve as healing agents for Catherine and the people who purchase them.

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Guideposts: Volunteers of America’s Jim Zenner (right) chats with a fellow veteran.
America's Angels

Helping Veterans in Their Fight Against PTSD

Meet a veteran of the Iraq war who went from receiving help to giving it.

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Guideposts: Dari has grown to love Val’s booming voice, especially when he sings to her.

Gaining His Adopted Daughter's Trust

All he wanted was for their new daughter to know he loved her. Instead he scared her.

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