Danny Simmons is now sober and inspired to create acclaimed works of art
Addiction and Recovery

My Moment of Truth in Rehab

Life is about choices. Artist Danny Simmons didn’t realize the choice he would have to make.

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Patricia Raybon and her daughter Alana
Family Problems

Two Faiths, One Family

Patricia Raybon and her daughter Alana, coauthors of Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace, share how they came to reconcile their religious differences.  Interviewed by Brooke Obie.

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woman wearing pink workout clothes and flexing her arms with pink weights

How to Be 'Spiritually Strong'

Author, speaker and personal trainer Kristen Feola's 6-week guide to building your body and soul

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St. John's Chapel hadn't been open for nearly a century before Greg was inspired to restore it.
Living With Cancer

Healed and Restored

Even as he battled Stage 4 cancer, Greg Thomas was inspired by a mysterious voice to restore an old, abandoned church near where he lived.

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An older man taking an eye test
God's Grace


As he was losing vision in one eye, he also felt a darkness descending upon his soul. Was there hope for him?

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A middle-aged woman concults with her dermatologist
Finding Life Purpose

Pass It On: More Than Skin Deep

An encounter with skin cancer reminded her just how many blessings had been showered upon her.

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Robert Lesslie, M.D.

Miracles in the E.R.

Here are three healings even a doctor can’t explain...

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An artist's rendering of hands touching a woman's eyes

To See Again

Easter is supposed to be a time of renewal, but after losing her sight, she just wanted her life to be over. Then she had a visit from a mysterious stranger.

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A Prayer for the Addicted

A Prayer for the Addicted

During a weekend devoted to those suffering from addiction, who will you pray for?

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