Guideposts: Army Rangers scramble up a hillside during the bloody Italian campaign of 1943.
Military Outreach Stories

Our Returning Troops: A WWII Vet Opens Up About Survivor Guilt

Longtime Guideposts contributor John Sherrill, a veteran of World War II, opens up for the first time about his battlefield experiences and his post-war struggles.

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Actress Mary Martin
Inspiring Stories

Guideposts Classics: Mary Martin on Healing Solitude

In this story from June 1969, the star of stage and screen shares how she came to understand  the benefits of a spiritual retreat.

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Guideposts: Clifford Bruton and his friend, Willie
Military Outreach Stories

Our Returning Troops: Back on Track, Thanks to a Therapy Horse

Meet Clifford Bruton, a retired 20-year Navy veteran who discovered a new purpose in the last place he ever expected.

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Lauryn Lax, now healthy and strong
Coping With Illness

To Feed My Soul

She didn't have the will to battle her eating disorder until caring strangers intervened.

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A fluffy cockapoo playing with a tennis ball on the grass.
Service Animals

Buffy, the Healing Puppy

Who knew a fluffly cockapoo could mend a woman's broken heart?

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Kelee Katillac and Colette Gauthier
People Helping People

Miracle Makeover: Colette's Home

Kelee Katillac visits a woman who is battling cancer with an offer to transform her room into a place of hope.

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Jane Bingham and her daughter Belle
Living With Cancer

Bald, Beautiful and Blessed

A mother fighting cancer works to remind us all that God is in charge.

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An artist's rendering of an angel in a cornfield

Angel in the Cornfield

A heavenly stranger intercedes when a corn farmer is critically injured.

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Lori's husband, John, and their cat Tootsie

Cared for by a Faithful Feline

No cat lover, he was surprised when Tootsie saw him through a painful rehab.

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Mysterious Ways: A Gift from the Sea
Emotional and Mental Health

Mysterious Ways: A Gift from the Sea

A weary social worker receives encouragement from two very different sources.

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