Guideposts: Deejay Micha Logan shares how God instructed her to talk publicly about her battle with breast cancer.
Living With Cancer

Living with Cancer: God Told Her, 'Share Your Story'

As a radio DJ, she talked for a living. But when a heavenly voice told her to bare her soul about her breast cancer, it was a new kind of challenge.

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Kimalea Conrad outside her church on a winter's day
Living With Cancer

Breast Cancer: A Spiritual Journey

When Kimalea Conrad was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t realize that the she was beginning a physical and spiritual journey.

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St. John’s Chapel hadn’t been open for nearly a century when Greg stepped in.
Living With Cancer

Building the Temple Anew

That old church was run down, just like me. I didn’t have much hope for either of us.

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Guideposts: Pastors Anne and Juan Strayham
Living With Cancer

Cancer Treatment Inspires Two Pastors

After a cancer diagnosis and treatment, two pastors are inspired to greater commitment in their ministry.

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A garden becomes a source of hope for a grieving family.
Coping With Grief

The Garden That Healed Our Grief

A family finds peace and heavenly comfort in this excerpt from A Cool Drink of Water.

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Actor Mark Ruffalo found a growth in his head to be a blessing in disguise.
God's Grace

Blessed with a New Outlook

Actor Mark Ruffalo dreamed he had a brain tumor, but he had no idea that growth would be a gift.

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The pool at Andaz Papagayo resort

5 Ways to Heal in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Here are 5 ways to heal your mind, body and soul in the happiest place on earth.

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Seven cancer survivors learned the power of saying "yes" while rock climbing together for the first time in Arizona.
Living With Cancer

Cancer Survivors Connect in an Outdoor Adventure

Rock-climbing helped these men find strength in themselves and in each other.

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Bear, the heaven sent dog.

Bear, the Heaven-Sent Dog

A shelter dog is saved by a twist of fate.

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Her faith and embracing God's love brought Carmen Escamilla back from the brink.
Stories of Faith

The Faith to Break Free

An emotionally abusive spouse had left her filled with self-loathing that led to unhealthy habits, but her faith gave her the strength to recover.

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