Vet adopts 30 pound cat

A Veteran with PTSD Rescues Adorable 30-Pound Cat

Gusman was looking for a therapy animal to help manage his PTSD. Enter, Meatloaf.

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Jeanne and Mo welcome some visitors.

Prisoners Help Abandoned Animals in a Unique Program

Go behind the scenes at the Monroe County Sheriff's Animal Farm.

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5 Prayers for Surgery from Norman Vincent Peale
How to Pray

5 Prayers for Surgery from Norman Vincent Peale

Surgery can be a stressful event for all involved. These prayers from Guideposts founder Norman Vincent Peale will bring peace and strength to you and your loved ones.

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Carl Erskine
Inspiring Stories

Carl Erskine’s Amazing Near-God Experience

The former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher shares a spiritual story with a Peale family member.

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Moving past tragedy
Power of Prayer

How to Cope with a Loss Like the Branson Duck Boat Accident

The capsized boat that took 17 lives, leaves survivors who must find their inner strength through prayer, community and God’s love.

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Praying with friends
Power of Prayer

What Jesus Says About Praying for Others

Don’t underestimate the power of your faith on behalf of friends in need.

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A woman consults with her doctor
Coping With Illness

10 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Pain

Dr. Payam Hakimi, a physician who practices integrative medicine, offers advice for talking to your doctor about chronic pain.

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Charlie Goldsmith, star of TLC's The Healer
God's Grace

A Conversation with Charlie Goldsmith, Star of TLC's 'The Healer'

We spoke with the star of TLC's The Healer about the experience of healing other people and the sense of purpose it's afforded him.

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Woman relaxing
Life Advice

3 Ways to Take a Vacation from Your Problems

Working on—and worrying about—our challenges shouldn’t be a 24 / 7 job.

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Kirstie Ennis
Stories of Hope

A Marine Veteran Continues to Fight Her Toughest Battle

USMC Sergeant (Ret.) Kirstie Ennis, who suffered traumatic injuries—physical, mental and emotional—during a tour of duty in Afghanistan, discusses the lengthy road she has traveled toward recovery.

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