How to forgive someone
Life Advice

How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

Forgiveness doesn’t always mean forgetting. But it does mean moving on.

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Author Jonathan Merritt
Power of Prayer

The Prayer Practice That Helped Him Reconnect with God

Struggling with chronic pain, religion writer Jonathan Merritt regained his faith through prayer

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Praying with photos
How to Pray

Why I Pray with Photos

A worn Bible bulging with photographs helps prompt prayers for those with urgent needs.

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Chef and fitness expert Kevin Curry
Finding Life Purpose

How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression

The chef and fitness expert used his struggles with depression and food to turn his life around and inspire others to do the same.

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Arlinda Mitchell

For This Veteran Battling PTSD, Golf Proved to Be More Than a Game

She found the support and camaraderie she needed in a golf program for patriots.

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The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Coping With Grief

How the Notre Dame Cathedral Lifted Her Grief

Author Carol Flake Chapman shares how a concert at the famous cathedral helped her cope with her husband's passing.

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This Senior Synchronized Swim Team Finds Healing in the Water
Living Longer, Living Better

This Senior Synchronized Swim Team Finds Healing in the Water

The Harlem Honeys and Bears senior swim team prove why swimming is the best form of therapy.

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Donations are collected by students and volunteers at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, for flood victims.
People Helping People

Flooding in the Midwest: How You Can Help

Here’s how you could help the dozens of towns in the Midwest reeling from recent floods and storms

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A positive doctor meets with a patient
Health and Wellness

The Power of a Positive Doctor

Social psychologists are finding that a reassuring word from the doctor can make a measurable difference in your health.

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