Feeling someone else's pain

The Mystery of Empathy

Can we feel someone else's pain? Join Mysterious Ways for a live chat with Dr. Joel Salinas, a Harvard neurologist, on the subject.

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Pray it forward
Power of Prayer

Instead of 'Pay It Forward,' 'Pray It Forward'

As you are the beneficiary of prayers from others, why not offer yours freely to three more people?

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Facing fear

How to Overcome Overwhelming Fear

God will interrupt our lives in the most unexpected moments to offer encouragement.

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An image for positive thoughts
Life Advice

An Easy Way to Manage Negative Thoughts

A screen door is flexible, open to letting negativity pass through to make way for clear, fresh air.

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Women talking
Military Families

Why Our Words Matter

What you say to someone else can hurt—or it can heal.

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Colleen Kelly Alexander
Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories from People Like Us

Some true stories of faith in action told by real people like you.

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Woman lifting weights
Living Longer, Living Better

Can You Avoid Back Pain By Lifting More Heavy Things?

Leaning into the movements we fear is part of the journey toward healing.

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A woman clasps her back in pain

5 Ways to Manage Everyday Pain

If aches and pains are interfering with your daily activities, consider these five recommendations from Dr. Elena Klimenko.

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Praying for hope
Power of Prayer

Embracing Hope When Life Seems Unfair

Praying for a pastor facing medical challenges from months served at Ground Zero after 9/11

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