A colorful illustration of a patterned quilt with an angel sewn in the middle.

A Gift from Heaven

For the first grandson, Nona's last quilt.

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A close up of an older and younger patient holding each other's hands for help.
Answered Prayers

A Heaven-Sent Hospital Roommate

The perfect roommate calmed her fears.

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Surgeon and bestselling author Mary C. Neal
God's Grace

Dr. Mary C. Neal Recalls Her Inspiring Near-Death Experience

In this series of videos, surgeon and bestselling author Dr. Mary C. Neal recounts in detail the near-death experience she went through in 1999 and how it has impacted her life in the years since.

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Big questions for God
Inspiring Stories

What Are Your Big Questions?

Mysterious Ways wants to know what you're just itching to ask God.

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Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry
Life After Death

'The Miracle Man' Who Went to Heaven and Came Back

Doctors couldn't explain how Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry came back to life. But he knew it was all God's doing.

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