A man recording what foods he eats in his diet plan while eating a healthy lunch
Living Longer, Living Better

9 Practical Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Resolution Last

Are you feeling discouraged about your efforts to lose weight? Get practical advice from Roberta Messner, who lost almost 100 pounds, and has kept it off for years

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Colorful Christmas gifts underneath a Christmas tree.
Devotions for Men

The Miracles of Christmas

Are you anxious about getting everything done in time for the holidays?

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Golden music symbol ornament hanging from well-lit Christmas tree
Devotions for Women

Christmas Chaos: Finding Peace

She found peace through an unlikely Christmas song.

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A large snowball tumbling down a snowy slope.
Daily Devotions

Don't Be Squashed by the Christmas Snowball

Are you caught up in activities and expectations that take you away from the true meaning of Christmas?

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Holiday calm
Life Advice

3 Ways to Set a Positive Intention for the Holiday Season

December 1 can feel like the calm before the holiday stress storm—or it can be a chance to set the tone for a warm, love-filled holiday season.

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A broken Christmas ornament on top of Christmas tree leaves.
Daily Devotions

Christmas Expectations vs. Reality

Maybe unmet expectations at Christmastime are actually hidden blessings.

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An illustration of a lobster holding a flute of bubbly champagne.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Cheers!

She was determined to make New Year's Eve special every year.

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Eating healthy with a tossed salad and fresh fruits.
Living Longer, Living Better

Keep That Weight Off During the Holidays

Get practical tips from Roberta Messner, who lost almost 100 pounds, and has kept the weight off.

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A happy family around the dinner table during the holiday season.
Family Problems

8 Ways to Deal with Difficult Relationships

If you're worried about seeing a friend or relative this holiday season, follow these tips to reduce stress and help ease the tension.

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