Leavenworth, Washington

7 Quirky American Towns You'll Want to Visit

These small locales might not be well-known, but each have something special to offer. 

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Illustration by Roberto Parada

A Daily Visit By a Fox Family Brought Her Joy

She was still grieving the death of her husband. But then a friendly family of foxes restored her hope.

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'The Art of Kindness' Podcast
Motivational Stories

'The Art of Kindness' Podcast

Actor Robert Peterpaul invites celebrity guests to be on his podcast to help spread hope and positivity.

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Christian romance book series love stories Valentine's Day

A New Kind of Christian Romance Book Series

Escape into romantic love stories – set in actual American towns – that celebrate faith and happy endings.

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Jane Goodall, author of "The Power of Hope"
Positive Living

Positive Reading: Jane Goodall's 'The Power of Hope'

A relationship with nature underpins the primatologist’s optimism in challenging times.

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Tonya May Avent; photo by Jim Graham

Her Search for Her Roots Reminded Her She Is a Child of God

It was a simple question that led her to her true identity: Where does your family come from?

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Jennie Ivey; photo by Wade Payne

Her Girlfriends Helped Her Come to Terms with Being Newly Single

After her marriage ended, a group of gal pals taught her to embrace the single life.

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Bubba Watson at Pensacola Country Club; photo credit: Larsen&Talbert
Stories of Hope

Bubba Watson: How Faith Helped Him Conquer His Anxiety

Champion golfer Bubba Watson's success on the PGA tour was nearly overshadowed by a lifelong disorder.

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Christine Naman and Natalie; photo by Scott Goldsmith
Addiction and Recovery

Desperate to Help Her Addicted Daughter, a Mother in Denial Turned to God

It’s hard enough to have a daughter with a drug problem. It’s even harder to admit it.

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Computer glitch
Positive Living

How a Tech Glitch Paved the Way for a Fresh Start

After accidentally deleting a long list of treasured links, something better took its place.

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