Asya Branch
Stories of Hope

Why She Talked About Her Father’s Past in the Miss America Pageant

Miss Mississippi Asya Branch didn't know what to expect when she shared her incarcerated father's story in the competition

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Dandelions on a sunny evening.

A Hopeful Answer to Her Prayers

An earth angel took away her greatest fear and gave her hope.

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'West Point was a great place to be a kid,' Claire says.
Stories of Hope

How the Women of West Point Inspired Her

Growing up at the Academy, Claire Gibson met women who helped her face adult challenges

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Prayers for spring
How to Pray

4 New Prayers for Spring

How to welcome the season of renewed hope and lifted spirits.

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Real positivity
Positive Living

Is There Such a Thing As ‘Toxic Positivity?’

Positive words can ring hollow if they deny the full range of our emotional lives.

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Gerry Sowards recounts his journey to sobriety
Addiction and Recovery

One Man's Journey to Sobriety

Gerry Sowards' substance-abuse issues had brought him to the end of his rope, so far down he that he was planning his suicide. But with newfound faith, a stint in rehab and the help of friends, he's been sober for three years, and he assures us that anyone in his position can do the same.

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Aysa Branch
People Helping People

Asya Branch's Mission to Inspire Children of Incarcerated Parents

Browse our gallery of photos of Asya Branch, Miss Mississippi 2018, who works with children of incarcerated parents.

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Kalanchoe plant
Life Advice

Plants, Like People, Sometimes Need Change

Every living thing needs to shift course if it is going to grow and flourish.

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Nicole Lindsey and Timoth Paule
Stories of Hope

Meet the Beekeeping Couple Transforming Vacant Lots

Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey use their passion for bees to beautify and educate their community.

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Clarence with a U.S. tank from World War II
Stories of Hope

How Two Veterans, Once Enemies, Became Friends

A World War II veteran traveled to Germany to meet an old, German veteran he first met in the battlefield

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