Favorite Psalms
Bible Resources

8 Favorite Psalms for Comfort and Hope

We asked you, our readers, for your favorite psalms and we've collected some of your wonderful responses. Here's a slideshow of the Bible verses that uplift, inspire and encourage.

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Peter Stiles and Carol Allston-Stiles
Stories of Hope

Their Shared Love of Coffee Gave Her Husband Hope and Purpose Following TBI

Many of us wake up with a cup of coffee. For her brain-injured husband, it was a deeper awakening

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How Christian Rapper KB is changing the narrative of Hip Hop

Rapper KB's Message of Hope

The Billboard charts-topping hip-hop artist shares God's hope on his new album Tomorrow We Live.

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10 Remarkable Women of the Bible
Women in the BIble

10 Remarkable Women of the Bible

The women of the Bible offer inspiring examples of hope, courage, and faith.

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Jesus is The Light of the World
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

Jesus: The Light of the World

Jesus' presence is that inextinguishable flame of hope that changes utter darkness into a dramatic backdrop for light.

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Reece Ritchie and Freida Pinto in Desert Dancer
Movies and TV

Inspired to Dance

Actor Reece Ritchie shares how his new film Desert Dancer has changed his life. 

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Jane Goodall: I Carry Hope with Me
Finding Life Purpose

Jane Goodall: I Carry Hope with Me

Her work with chimpanzees and in wildlife conservation has raised awareness around the world. In this story from January 2001, she shares how she keeps a positive outlook.

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Man praying. Shutterstock.
True Stories of Answered Prayer

Praying Through Our Fears

I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears. (Psalm 34:4)


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Young adult daughter and mother

Letting Go

The hardest thing for parents can be letting a child navigate the world.

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