A woman speaks to her doctor about breast cancer
Living With Cancer

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

An expert in cancer prevention and treatment explains the latest research and reveals what you need to know about breast cancer.

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Answered prayer
Answered Prayers

How One Prayer Was Answered in a Day

Every once in a while, a response from God comes much faster, if I’m awake and alert to notice it.

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Woman praying
How to Pray

5 Ways to Improve Your Prayers

The prayers of Lancelot Andrewes suggest new and beautiful ways to pray that will bless you and all for whom you pray.

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Jeanne and Mo welcome some visitors.

Prisoners Help Abandoned Animals in a Unique Program

Go behind the scenes at the Monroe County Sheriff's Animal Farm.

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Happy bride and groom at their wedding

A Marriage That Was Meant to Be

Little things went wrong before the wedding, but all the signs pointed to a happy union.

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Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin
Stories of Hope

Guideposts Classics: Marlee Matlin on Embracing God's Gifts

In this story from November 2002, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin shares how she refused to let her deafness prevent her from pursuing her passion for acting.

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Woman reading a book
Positive Living

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

A vacation from envy of what others have and finding total contentment in what God has provided.

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Street cat
Stories of Hope

The Good ‘Cat’ Samaritans

The kind deeds of two neighborhood ladies who care for hungry kitties.

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Actor Brandon Micheal Hall in a scene from God Friended Me
Movies and TV

Hope Abounds in New CBS Series 'God Friended Me'

Everybody wants to know what their purpose is; for atheist Miles Filner, God tells him exactly what he's supposed to do, one friend request at a time.  Watch the trailer below:

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Keeping hope alive
Power of Prayer

Tools to Keep Hope Alive

How faith, imagination and visualization can help you reach your goals.

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