Inspiring stories Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month May notable figures
Inspiring Stories

18 Inspiring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Celebrate these famous Americans, including Bruce Lee, Dwayne Johnson, and Amy Tan, during AAPI Heritage Month.

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Edward Grinnan
Inspiring Stories

How Does ‘Law & Order’ Bear a Resemblance to the Bible?

While watching reruns of this long-running TV drama, some insights about justice and mercy

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Organizing books
Positive Living

The Simple Pleasure of an Empty Bookshelf

This satisfying project can redefine your relationship with your books.

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It's still Easter!
Faith, Prayer & Devotions

5 Ways to Keep Celebrating Easter

Eastertide lasts for 50 days, a reminder of how crucial the Resurrection is to our faith.

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Keeping a journal
Emotional and Mental Health

Find the Most Positive, Helpful Journal for Your Personality

“Dear Diary” isn’t for everyone. Choose a journal that meets you where you are on your healing journey.

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Reading psalms in the morning
Encouraging Bible Verses

6 Psalms to Start Your Day with Good News

The headlines can wait; instead, first take delight in God with these verses.

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Musician and author Naomi Judd; photo by Harry Langdon
Stories of Faith

Guideposts Classics: Naomi Judd on Stepping Out in Faith

In this story from January 2003, musician and author Naomi Judd recalls how faith led her to a successful career and helped her cope with a hepatitis C diagnosis.

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Melissa Prewitt with her neighbor Audree; photo by Trace Thomas
Stories of Hope

Her Spirits Were Lifted by a Teen Who Did the Right Thing

She felt she had more problems than blessings, until a young neighbor changed her mind.

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Earl Covey (1876–1952) was a woodsman, guide, builder, innkeeper—and part of Aline’s family.

He Built Memorable Monuments in the Adirondacks

Angels helped Earl Covey overcome tragedy to make a hotel and a church in the mountains that he loved.

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This Artist Was Inspired by Her Famous Ancestor

She’s related to the Renaissance painter Bernardino Landino. Did he help guide her art career?

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