Pope Francis' uplifting quotations.

Pope Francis' Inspiring Quotes

In honor of Pope Francis' trip to America we put together this slideshow of his uplifting quotations.

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A choir sings joyfully.

Father Clarence Rivers: God Is Love

Father Clarence Rivers was not only a well-known writer of liturgical music but also a teacher. Enjoy this example of his compositions and read the inspiring story of one woman who was touched by his teachings.

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Floyd Cramer, Country Music Hall of Fame pianist

Floyd Cramer: Last Date

Floyd Cramer was a hugely popular Nashville pianist whose records entertained millions. Read the inspiring story of a woman whose beloved father also had a knack for tickling the ivories.

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Inspirational saxophonist Stephanie McKenna

Stephanie McKenna: How Great Thou Art

Acclaimed saxophonist Stephanie McKenna shares her gift as she interprets the beloved hymn of praise, How Great Thou Art. Read our inspiring story of a heavenly horn heard at a small chapel!

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Shawnelle Eliasen's healthy and delicious Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar

You don’t have to be from the big state of Texas to appreciate the big taste of this healthy, easy-to-prepare dish!

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Pennies from Heaven
Answered Prayers

Pennies from Heaven

A woman receives heavenly signs to trust God.

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Tiny American flags

8 American Flag Facts You Should Know Before You Celebrate Flag Day

The American flag is a powerful patriotic symbol, and while you probably know the pledge to our Star Spangled Banner by heart, some of these facts about its history and meaning may come as a surprise.

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Appetizing meals like these can be enjoyed  at a savings, thanks to our tips.
Life Advice

8 Tips for Dining on a Dime

Here are some ways to save money when dining out with your family. 

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Actor Cliff Robertson
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Cliff Robertson on Perseverance

In this story from November 1982, the Oscar-winning actor recalls how he was inspired to pursue his most challenging role by a very special man named Johnny.

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Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West

Matthew West: "Oh, Me Of Little Faith"

Listen as the popular Christian singer-songwriter performs an exclusive "unplugged" rendition of "Oh, Me of Little Faith," a song from his album "Live Forever."

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