Fall foliage surrounds a lake
Positive Living

8 Simple Pleasures of Autumn

What's your favorite thing about fall? Is it fresh, crisp apples? Carving pumpkins? Halloween? The beautiful colors of fall leaves? Relax and enjoy some of our favorite simple pleasures of the season.

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A family of four strolls along the beach as the summer sun sets on the horizon.
Positive Living

10 Simple Summer Pleasures For Family Fun

It's the simple pleasures—fireflies, going barefoot, a ice-cold glass of lemonade—that make summer such a special time of the year. Here are some of our favorite joys of the summer season; why not tell us about yours?

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Pope Francis
Bible Resources

Pope Francis: The Joy of the Gospel

Pope Francis, in an excerpt from Walking with Jesus, encourages everyone to experience the joy of the Gospel and look to Jesus for purpose, forgiveness and meaning.

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Little girl holding up a frown sign. Thinkstock.
Emotional and Mental Health

Are You Throwing a Pity Party?

If your theme song has become “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to,” you need to get a new song.

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Happy Birthday, William Hamlin!

Happy Birthday, Son!

28 years ago you created a totally smitten mother and father.

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Pastor and author Joel Osteen offers an inspiring preview of his new book.

Joel Osteen Talks About Joy, Service and Gratitude

The pastor of Lakewood Church offers an inspiring preview of his new book, Every Day a Friday.

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Positive Thinking

Positive Playlist: 16 Sunny Songs

The news or the weather got you down? Here's a positive playlist of 16 sunny songs.

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Inspiring Christmas Music Videos

I’d like to wish you a very merry and holy holiday by sharing two Christmas music videos.

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