Go slow
Positive Living

Why It Pays to Slow Down

Paying attention to the way you move through life helps bring peace and focus to your everyday.

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Shout your prayers
How to Pray

6 Good Reasons to Shout Your Prayers!

Whether praying in private or public, sometimes you need to raise your voice.

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A Bible surrounded by spring flowers.
Faith and Prayer

6 Ways to Celebrate Easter Year Round

Spreading joy and letting go of fear are just a few ways to commemorate Easter throughout the year. 

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A chance to show great love
Stories of Hope

A Chance to Show Great Love

When you’re feeling kind of rotten about yourself, remember that God has forgiven all.

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The joy of being alone
Emotional and Mental Health

What Is the 'Joy of Missing Out?'

Being there for yourself sometimes means bowing out of time spent with others.

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Inspiring Stories

The Gift of a Giant Snowman

A surprising delight in late winter in the middle of New York City’s Central Park

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Playing music for health
Living Longer, Living Better

Want to Boost Your Brain? Play Music

The more you learn and play music, the more your brain can whistle a happy tune.

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