Katheryn Berlandi, granddaughter to Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale

His Granddaughter Remembers Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Katheryn Berlandi recalls the life lessons Dr. and Mrs. Peale taught her.

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Illustration by Jessica Allen

An Earth Angel At The Grocery Store

She remembered her late stepfather’s kindness and wondered if her mother would recover. Until she received a reminder from above.

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A young girl enters her elementary school
Stories of Hope

Seven Sweet Words That Changed Her Life

Made to feel she didn’t belong because of her cleft palate, a young girl’s outlook is changed by a teacher’s kindness.

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A group of diverse kids smiling
Inspiring Stories

Students Launch ‘Peptoc Hotline’ to Spread Cheer and Encouragement

The viral project offers tips, advice and inspiring messages from joyful elementary school students.

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A world of happiness
Emotional and Mental Health

Headlines from the 2022 World Happiness Report

What can we learn from the happiest places on the planet?

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Illustration by Coco Masuda
People Helping People

Someone Cares: A Bag of Sunshine

These daily bursts of sunshine from a friend brought her happiness throughout her cancer treatment.

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Being neighborly
Life Advice

How to Have the Courage to Love Your Neighbor

It’s not always easy to reach out to someone in need, but when we do, we change the world.

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A heart made of blue and yellow flowers in the hands of a child
Stories of Hope

Help for Ukraine: How the Human Spirit Shines During the Darkest of Times

These inspiring stories show moments of solidarity in the midst of conflict.

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Comforting someone
Coping With Grief

The Power God Gives Us to Comfort Others

When you encounter someone whose heart is broken, here’s what your faith calls you to do.

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'The Art of Kindness' Podcast
Motivational Stories

'The Art of Kindness' Podcast

Actor Robert Peterpaul invites celebrity guests to be on his podcast to help spread hope and positivity.

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