Childhood Friends Recycle Flowers for Seniors with Memory Loss
Inspiring Stories

Childhood Friends Recycle Flowers for Seniors with Memory Loss

What started as a two-person team has bloomed into an organization with over 100 volunteers.

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Finding God at the Grocery Store
Stories of Faith

Finding God in Front of the Grocery Store

How chance encounters present us with spiritual openings.

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How to pray during disturbing times
How to Pray

How to Pray for People You Disagree With

Jesus offers specific instructions on how to pray for those who make us angry.

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Good morning
Life Advice

2 Simple Words That Make Any Day Better

There’s a positive power in how we greet each other in the morning.

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Bible verses about relationships
Bible Verses About Love

6 Bible Verses That Will Help Strengthen Relationships

The ancient wisdom of Scripture has a lot to teach us about communicating with others. 

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Chip Gaines and his wife, Joanna.
Movies and TV

Chip Gaines Challenges Fans to ‘Make Kindness Loud’

The reality TV star is using his platform for good by kickstarting a kindness movement.

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Happiness Around the World
Positive Living

What Does Happiness Look Like Around the World?

An inspiring linguistics project is gathering the positive words that can help us all be a little happier.

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A woman calling an officer's mom and sharing her appreciation.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Raised Right

She shares her appreciation of a helpful officer to his mother.

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A box full of care items and a note that says "we love you" attached to the lid.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Box of Love

A pair of friends send a care package box to their friend in need.

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A green basket full of blooming daffodils.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Happy May Day!

How her granddaughter made her remember the first day of May with a special gift.

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