Married couple cooking together

Marriage as a Recipe for Holiness

We toss ourselves into the mix, add our own spices, stir up our souls and learn from our mistakes.

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A happy group of senior adults
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Tips to Prevent Loneliness and Find Community as You Age

Judy Ryan, Ph.D., former president and CEO of the Good Samaritan Society, offers advice for leading a well-balanced life in your golden years.

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Jerry and Hope found new romance in their eighties
Living Longer, Living Better

Two Seniors Learn It's Never Too Late to Find Love Again

Having lost their spouses of 50+ years, neither Jerry nor Hope were looking to marry again—but  romance found them, anyway.

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Monica and David share their love story.
Movies and TV

Monica & David: A Love Story

Reel Inspiration takes a look at a inspiring film about two people with Down syndrome who found true love.

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healthy social media habits
Emotional and Mental Health

3 Healthy Summer Social Media Habits

Don’t let jealousy or fear-of-missing-out sabotage your season.

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Gerald Borland and Hope Irvin Marston
Living Longer, Living Better

Her New Romance Was the Answer to a Widow's Prayer

Hope Irvin Marston, a widow in her 80s, asked God not for a new husband but for a friend, a man to share her life with, and before long, her prayers were answered in the form of widower Gerald Borland.

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Friends at the beach

The Enduring Power of Friendship

The care and faith of a group of friends carries a family through a dark and terrible time.

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