You are special.
Motivational Stories

You Are Special!

If the God of the universe thinks you’re worthy of love, maybe it’s time that you start believing that as well?

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Alzheimer's Disease: Dancing Helps This Couple Heal
About Alzheimer's and Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease: Dancing Helps This Couple Heal

Arlene Boyd's Alzheimer's diagnosis changed so much of her life with her husband Richard, but dancing together still brings them joy.

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Feral cat

Life with a Feral Cat

No amount of spitting and hissing, sometimes scratching, will stop me from feeding her. Here's why.

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Cookbooks, Family Dinners and Making Memories

All those stews, cakes and cookies are not just about food—but also love.

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Handprints of love

Handprints of Love

A lasting impression left on the hearts of adoring grandparents

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Steve and Lynne both know second chances are a rare blessing.
Living Longer, Living Better

Was This Widow Ready to Love Again?

Still struggling 12 years after her husband's death, something convinced her to respond to a listing on an over-50 dating site: a vintage bright yellow VW bus.

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happy woman smiling
Positive Thinking

How to Start Appreciating How You Look

In this excerpt from The Self-Love Experiment, author Shannon Kaiser shares how to appreciate your body.

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Shelby Spear and her two kids sharing a moment.

The Inspiring Tattoo Connection

Body art taught her to trust her kids—and God—in a whole new way.

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How to improve your relationship

Restoring a Broken Relationship

Focusing on love, respect and dignity in our dealings with loved ones.

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Legacy of family love and lessons, riding on someone's coattails

Riding on Coattails of Love and Lessons

Thinking about all who have helped shape a life of faith and joy.

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