Three of Mary's crocheted caps
People Helping People

The Crocheted Caps That Showed She Cared

Though she was no expert crafter, she loved crocheting caps for her loved ones and the residents of a homeless women’s shelter, but were her somewhat misshapen efforts appreciated?

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From Day One, Nadja welcomed me with open arms, Mary says.
Family Problems

Could She Share a Home with Her Mother-in-Law?

She had four kids and a husband. How could she also manage her sweet but intrusive mother-in-law?

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Justin Peay and his wife, Alaina
God's Grace

Divinely Guided Toward the Perfect Match

She was just his friend’s kid sister; he never gave her much thought. But an invisible hand kept bringing them together—especially when it mattered most.

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Love, Renewed: A Marriage Strengthened by Strife
Stories of Hope for Caregivers

Love, Renewed: A Marriage Strengthened by Strife

She thought her husband's retirement would bring them closer together than ever, but his traumatic brain injury was a challenge she never expected.

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choose love over fear
Positive Living

How to Choose Love Over Fear

Learn to master your ego in this excerpt from author Melissa Ambrosini's new book Mastering Your Mean Girl.

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