Marion Bond West with her husband, Gene

Marion Bond West on the Lists That Revived Her Marriage

Guideposts Contributing Editor Marion Bond West and her husband, Gene, share how compiling of a pair of lists, each detailing what the other partner did to make the list-maker feel loved, helped to strengthen their marriage.

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Positive Thinking

Life Quote

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Anastiscia Chantler-Lang and her husband, Greg
God's Grace

Divinely Connected Through Lyme Disease

Her doctors were baffled by the mysterious illness that was dismantling the life she'd built. Could the strange dream she'd had be a harbinger of happiness?

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The bride and groom shared a special dance.
Motivational Stories

Paralyzed Vet Finds a Way to Stand for Wedding Dance

This paralyzed Air Force veteran wanted to make a lasting impression to the love of his life on their wedding day with a romantic dance.

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The perfect song for a wedding
Power of Prayer

The Perfect Wedding Song

Pick a song that says what you believe. It will be your road map for years to come.

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Wedding bells

Prayers for a Son's Marriage Proposal

These parents longed for their son to find lasting love; would an Easter marriage proposal be the answer to their prayers?

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Do one nice thing a day for someone else.
Inspiring Stories

6 Things I Learned Doing One Nice Thing a Day

It doesn’t cost anything to brighten someone’s day and your own as well.

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Discover the Power of Love in Good Friday

Discover the Power of Love in Good Friday

The sacrificial act of Jesus on the cross is the greatest love story of all time.

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Finding a miracle in an old class photo.
Inspiring Stories

The Miracle in an Old Class Photo

You never really know what wonders God has in store for you.

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