Natalie Grant
Movies and TV

A New Kind of Matchmaker

Natalie Grant's Christian dating show It Takes a Church is helping singles to find love. 

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A Holy Week Journey from the Last Supper to Easter

A Holy Week Journey from the Last Supper to Easter

Glimpse the land where Jesus walked in this slideshow featuring photographs from the Holy Land.

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Amy and Tom Petruzelli
God's Grace

The Best Investment

Why did I give up $500 without batting an eye?

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Michelle with Joel and Victoria Osteen.
Positive Living

A Box of Encouragement

If you have something good to say about someone, say it today! It may make a world of difference.

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Building a better body image

7 Steps to Building a Better Body Image

When negative body image issues begin to spiral out of control, remembering these seven steps will help you to love your body again. 

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Jesus Loved Us First
Devotions for Women

We Love Because...

At the beginning of time, Jesus chose to love us. He chooses the same choice over and over again each day.

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Isaiah celebrates a birthday. Photo by Shawnelle Eliasen.

A Celebrating Home

Good grades, when braces come off, birthdays and basketball games–but most of all, the grace of God.

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Does you life reflect God's Word
Bible Resources

Does Your Life Reflect God's Word?

Tips to help you hear the message in His word and apply it to your life.

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8 Inspiring Quotes for Hope
Managing Life Changes

Inspiring Quotes About Hope

Enjoy these inspirational quotes and photos and find hope and strength for tough times.

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