Peggy's father-in-law, Ed, with Moses.

Gray Muzzles and Gray Hair

Seniors and senior pets make a great match–both still have so much love to give.

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Woman embracing herself smiling
Life Advice

The Christian Dating Game: Love Yourself First

Relationship coach Tera Carissa Hodges shares the most important tip for attracting your soul-mate

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Beach bullhorn, Thinkstock.
Friends and Family

Let Love Lead the Way

"Jesus didn’t bludgeon people into the Kingdom. He loved them in.”

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Guideposts: Orchid, Change a Destroyed Valentine's Day gift
Positive Living

A Beautiful Ending

A husband helps his wife change a destroyed Valentine's Day gift into something lovely.

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A couple on a date at a restaurant
Life Advice

The Christian Dating Game: Attraction vs. Compatibility

Relationship coach Tera Carissa Hodges explains the key to sustaining a relationship

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Monty Hall tempts a contestant on "Let's Make a Deal."

Guideposts Classics: Monty Hall on the Value of Family

In this story from September 1975, popular game show host Monty Hall celebrates his mother's legacy of love.

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Bible verses for a better attitude
Bible Resources

Bible Verses for a Better Attitude

When you expect good things from God, you get good things from God!

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